Terms of use


Thank you for using Asam. In order to create a profile in our service, please read our terms and conditions. Read them carefully.


If you want to use all of the features in Asamt, you must create a user.

When you create an account, you must enter your personal information. By personal information, we mean information as name, email, address, phone number and profile picture. You enter by logging in with Facebook, Google, or manually entering the information.

To make suggestions for events, you can enter information about your interests. We also store information about the experiences you like.

Personal information and information about your interests will be stored in our databases, but are not available to other people. The information should be used exclusively to find the best experiences for you.

Personal information is stored in our databases as long as the user is active. The same applies to information about the user’s interest. The information about the user’s interest may change over time. Past interests that are irrelevant to the user’s interest to date will be deleted. User profiles that are not active will be deleted after one year.

Responsibility and abuse

Each user who adds images and text about experiences is responsible for ensuring that this does not conflict with Norwegian law. The information submitted should also be true or should be relevant to the experience. Users who repeatedly submit false or false information may be banned from the Asamt service.

Your rights

You are entitled to access to the data we have stored about you. You can do this by contacting us. Contact information is mentioned at the end of this text.

You also have the right to require that personal information and data about you be deleted. All data about you will be deleted if you delete your profile. After you delete their profile, your consent to Terms of Use is also deducted. You can delete your profile by going to settings on both the website and mobile application.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding privacy or want access to your personal data, please contact us at mail contact@asamt.no.